Christ tends to get overlooked at Christmas. Let’s be honest. December comes and you think, “Okay, this is the year.” This time you’ll swear you’ll slow down and take it all in. Make the most with family. Help the needy. Zero in on what it really means to be a Christ follower during this holy season.1

So we’re asking ourselves, “What would it look like to reclaim the Christmas story from our culture of consumption, and to celebrate what it’s really about, the arrival of God’s redemption project in our world?”

In 2006, four churches began to toss around this same question, and Advent Conspiracy [AC] was born: a grassroots network of local churches who have decided to substitute Christmas consumption with compassion.

The movement is based on four basic principles:


What could it look like in your life to restore the scandal of Christmas? Imagine the impact we could have on our community and our world by combining our resources in one large act of generosity. Don’t just dream about a meaningful Christmas . . . join the conspiracy. This year, get ready to celebrate!



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Love All

Act Local: Share gifts of time and resources with those in our community. At the Impact Tree in the Atrium, find opportunities available for individuals, families and life groups. All the information you need will be on the cards by the Tree. Take a card – put an ornament on the tree.

Give Global: On Sunday, December 13 during services, we'll take up an Advent Conspiracy offering (a direct result of spending less) to give towards clean water projects and wheelchair needs in Honduras, Kenya and Romania. If you won’t be able to join us at services on that day but still want to participate, just write "Advent" in the memo of your check and drop it in any of the offering boxes.


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