Consider this: America spends an average of 450 billion dollars every Christmas season. What if you spent a little bit less the season, so that you could give that money to help meet the basic needs of people around the globe?

You may be thinking, “But I already need to spend less this year. How do I save even more?” There are lots of little choices you can make to save money. It may sound insignificant, but a symbolic choice to buy a little less, or change a few habits, is one small step towards resisting our culture of consumption and saying that Christmas is about more than spending.

So, download a copy of our 25 Ways to Spend Less. Then, put the money you save towards the Love All offering. It’s that simple.

Looking for more? Check out some of these websites for more resources and tips. 

Tips for spending less:

Internet coupon codes:

Free entertainment ideas:

Restaurant savings:


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Love All

Act Local: Share gifts of time and resources with those in our community. At the Impact Tree in the Atrium, find opportunities available for individuals, families and life groups. All the information you need will be on the cards by the Tree. Take a card – put an ornament on the tree.

Give Global: On Sunday, December 13 during services, we'll take up an Advent Conspiracy offering (a direct result of spending less) to give towards clean water projects and wheelchair needs in Honduras, Kenya and Romania. If you won’t be able to join us at services on that day but still want to participate, just write "Advent" in the memo of your check and drop it in any of the offering boxes.


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