Daily Prayer Guide – Tuesday, Dec 1

1 Chronicles 17:11-14

11 When your days are fulfilled to go to be with your ancestors, I will raise up your offspring after you, one of your own sons, and I will establish his kingdom.  12 He shall build a house for me, and I will establish his throne forever.  13 I will be a father to him, and he shall be a son to me. I will not take my steadfast love from him, as I took it from him who was before you,  14 but I will confirm him in my house and in my kingdom forever, and his throne shall be established forever.


These are words spoken by God to one of Israel’s most famous kings, none other than David. These promises of a coming royal descendant connect back to the earlier hopes of a deliverer who will destroy the work of the serpent (Genesis 3:14-15), and one who will fulfill Israel’s mission to bring blessing to all nations (Genesis 12:1-3). This coming king will “build a house,” i.e. a temple for God’s presence to dwell. His rule will be eternal, and he will share a close father-son relationship with Yahweh.

These promises speak of Yahweh’s plan, worked out in the long story of ancient Israel, to accomplish deliverance and redemption for his creation. Note, however, that in Jesus of Nazareth all of these promises find a surprising kind of fulfillment. He does build a “temple,” but not of stone. Rather, he establishes his “body,” a people movement who carry God’s presence to all nations (see John 2:19-21; 1Peter 2:4-6). He is a king with a kingdom, but his “exalted rule” involved being lifted up high… on a cross. He has a father-son relationship with Yahweh, but in a more profound way than the prophets ever anticipated. His kingdom is eternal, but is revealed among humanity in the long developing story of his followers struggling to find God’s redemption in the midst of their lives and world.

This should teach us something about God: his ways are unpredictable, surprising. His redemptive purposes work themselves out in the most unanticipated ways. If David had been told how exactly these promises were going to be fulfilled, I’m not sure how he would feel. I doubt he would be excited to know that his royal descendant was going to be publicly executed by the Romans, one day. But, through these unexpected twists and turns the promises emerge as a more beautiful and profound kind of story than David could have ever imagined.


– Think about how God’s promises to David were not fulfilled in ways that he would have anticipated. Would this be frustrating to him? Is it frustrating to you when God does not work in clear, predictable ways in your life?

– What can we learn about God’s character from this?


– Raise your open palms before God. What are the things you expect and want him to do in your life? Are you able to release those expectations? Talk to God about it.

– Ask him to cultivate an openness to the twists and turns your story may contain. How can you find God in the midst of your life’s unexpected (and maybe unwanted) surprises?

Written by Tim Mackie

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