It’s A Heart Thing

ac_logo_wisman1Hey all. My name is Tony Biaggne and I serve as the Creative Director for Advent Conspiracy. Let me first say how thrilled I am to see AC doing its thing on blogs. I love stumbling upon a random blog and find people actively engaging in conversation about what AC means to them and how they plan to “conspire” this season. I also really love the honesty you’ve given in some of your thoughts on how doing this thing is going to challenge your own needs/wants. I mean, who DOESN’T want cool stuff for Christmas, right?

The first thing to remember is that this is a heart thing, not a numbers thing. We want people to do this not for the sake of pushing back on consumerism, but to give them a personal connection to what this season really means. I would much rather see someone buy one less gift and have it mean something deep and holy and true than someone who doesn’t buy one gift gives all their money to charity, and walks away feeling empty. As you’ll read in our brochure and website we talk about the idea of just buying ONE LESS GIFT. Just one. Start there, and see where God takes you. Last year we did just that. One less gift. This year my family is taking a bigger step by making relational gifts and buying things like board games that we can all do together. We are a consumer-driven culture, and it’s this creatives opinion that cutting out the buy/spend mentality entirely from Christmas would be like going cold turkey to quit smoking. For some, it would work, but for many it wouldn’t.

On the flip side I know families who did go the cold turkey and had wonderful results. I celebrate that with them! At the same time, I know that I am not them, and that my journey is just as unique, mysterious and wonderful as theirs. I want to encourage everyone to do the same. We are the beloved, my dear friends. Let’s enter this story with our own story that God has crafted for us. God bless, and if you wish to email me with questions, please do so.

Tony Biaggne
Creative Director
Windsor Crossing/Advent Conspiracy

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Love All

Act Local: Share gifts of time and resources with those in our community. At the Impact Tree in the Atrium, find opportunities available for individuals, families and life groups. All the information you need will be on the cards by the Tree. Take a card – put an ornament on the tree.

Give Global: On Sunday, December 13 during services, we'll take up an Advent Conspiracy offering (a direct result of spending less) to give towards clean water projects and wheelchair needs in Honduras, Kenya and Romania. If you won’t be able to join us at services on that day but still want to participate, just write "Advent" in the memo of your check and drop it in any of the offering boxes.


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